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Digital technology in the classroom

The Digital Era: We're clearly all living in it – and teachers are on the front line. Within a decade, the iPad went from brand-new invention to a common classroom tool. That demonstrated how quickly classroom teachers have had to [...]

The anxiety of teaching mathematics

Maths: you usually either love it or hate it. Our pre-service teachers are no different. For many, the idea of teaching mathematics can induce anxiety, and intensify insecurities about their teaching ability. Imagine teaching a subject you don't feel [...]

Keeping Your Economics Students Engaged

Student disengagement: It's always been an academic's worst nightmare, but with snap lockdowns and COVID-19 continuing to disrupt the academic year, it's an issue running rampant. Wiley is here to help. Join Dirk Mateer (University of Texas), co-author of Principles [...]