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  • Using case studies to help nursing students overcome the struggle of learning bioscience

Using case studies to help nursing students overcome the struggle of learning bioscience

Michele Dowlman, from the University of Tasmania, owns possibly one of the best t-shirts that a bioscience and nursing lecturer can own. On the front it says, "Why are you seeing what you are seeing?" and on the back it [...]

Digital technology in the classroom

The Digital Era: We're clearly all living in it – and teachers are on the front line. Within a decade, the iPad went from brand-new invention to a common classroom tool. That demonstrated how quickly classroom teachers have had to [...]

The anxiety of teaching mathematics

Maths: you usually either love it or hate it. Our pre-service teachers are no different. For many, the idea of teaching mathematics can induce anxiety, and intensify insecurities about their teaching ability. Imagine teaching a subject you don't feel [...]

Addressing the Accounting skills gap – what graduates need to succeed

Technology is changing the way accountants work Traditionally, accounting courses focused on giving students the knowledge to provide accounting services – e.g. money management, financial recording, reporting, tax and auditing. While the need to know the theory and [...]

  • Keeping Economics Students Engaged Recording Thumbnail

Keeping Your Economics Students Engaged

Student disengagement: It's always been an academic's worst nightmare, but with snap lockdowns and COVID-19 continuing to disrupt the academic year, it's an issue running rampant. Wiley is here to help. Join Dirk Mateer (University of Texas), co-author of Principles [...]

Why the future of law education will be digitally-driven

In the last two decades, higher education has come to embrace blended learning as the most effective way to engage students. Within law faculties – particularly in response to COVID-19 – this uptake has accelerated as more lecturers recognise the [...]

The role of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education

Can you tell whether the articles you read have been written by Artificial Intelligence (AI)? For all you know, an AI language generator could be behind every word of this blog – a tool that paraphrases and rewrites what it [...]

Can bioscience practical work be delivered online?

A curly conundrum came to the attention of Dr Alexander Engel while he was a lecturer in Anatomy & Physiology at Charles Darwin University – one which brought to light the topical issue of online delivery of pracs and labs [...]

  • judy hart blog header

3 tips for using blended learning in first year materials science with Dr Judy Hart

With many questions surrounding what 2021 will look like for the Higher Education community, it can be hard to know how to plan for the coming year. Whether we see a return to campus, fully online semesters, or something [...]

  • Paul Lasky blog post header

Engaging first year students using gravitational and nuclear physics

Physics can be a difficult subject for students to begin to wrap their minds around – with its complex mathematics and back catalogue of theories, formulas and more, it can be hard to know what will capture both student [...]