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Festival & Special Event Management, Essentials Edition

Allen, Harris, Jago, Tatrai, Jonson, D’Arcy

Print ISBN : 9780730369400   |  Digital ISBN : 9780730369370 

Allen’s Festival and Special Event Management, Essentials Edition serves as a concise yet comprehensive, step-by-step handbook for modern event management. This Essentials edition gives students contemporary lessons and insights that they can relate to. It brings theory to life through copious practical examples, illustrative diagrams and unique case studies demonstrating best practices and pitfalls.

Industry experts from across APAC’s event planning sector have contributed content to key contemporary topics including sustainability, risk management, project management and strategic alignment to client goals.


Currency and relevance 

Updated APAC case studies, examples and insights from industry experts. 


Whatever type of events your students specialise in, this text will help them build key practitioner skills and pursue their careers with confidence.

Future Skills Guide 

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