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Accounting: Reporting, Analysis and Decision Making, 7th Edition

Carlon, McAlpine, Lee, Mitrione, Kirk, Wong

Print ISBN : 9780730391906 |  Digital ISBN : 9780730391913

Accounting instructors need to ensure their students will become career-ready graduates, which means it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with regulatory changes and technology advances.

The market-leading Accounting: Reporting, Analysis and Decision Making, 7th Edition has been updated for the revised Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting and the amended Accounting Standards. The technologies our graduates will use are also changing – Accounting 7e helps you close the knowledge gap on the latest innovative accounting technologies, with new Technology Vignettes embedded throughout the text.

With its cutting-edge format, Accounting continues to enhance your teaching delivery with modern digital learning solutions. Your students will access an interactive eBook full of real-world videos, practice exercises, a running case study and constant feedback.


Framework and Standards Update

Fully updated for the revised Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting and the amended Accounting Standards, keeping content current and relevant.

Technology Vignettes

Vignettes on innovative accounting technologies are featured throughout the text, closing the knowledge gap on the latest tech advances that students will encounter as graduates.

Real-world Connections

Practitioner videos connect the course content with real-world examples, and give students relatable insights into the world of accounting.

Interactive E-Text: Powerful Digital Capabilities

Available as a full colour printed textbook with an interactive eBook code, this title enables every student to master concepts and succeed in assessment. Lecturers are supported with an extensive, easy-to-use teaching and learning package.

Practitioner videos
Practitioner videos

Video insights from practitioners help students connect course concepts with real-world local cases


Animations and interactives embedded at the point of learning bring course concepts to life.

Concept Check questions
Concept Check questions

Students can test their comprehension and get instant feedback with interactive Concept Check questions, embedded at the point of learning.

Search, highlight and annotate
Search, highlight and annotate

Interactive textbook lets students search, highlight and take notes within the text for efficient study

The latest edition of Accounting: Reporting, Analysis and Decision Making, includes these key features:

    • Accounting practice is updated for new Conceptual Framework (2018)
    • Updated Standards guide and accounting procedures
    • References to EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) has replaced cheques
    • Revised end-of-chapter questions
Table of contents
Chapter 1. An introduction to accounting Chapter 10. Reporting and analysing equity
Chapter 2. The recording process Chapter 11. Statement of cash flows
Chapter 3. Accrual accounting concept Chapter 12. Financial statement analysis and decision making
Chapter 4. Inventories Chapter 13. Analysing and integrating GAAP
Chapter 5. Reporting and analysing inventories Chapter 14. Introduction to management accounting
Chapter 6. Accounting information systems Chapter 15. Cost accounting systems
Chapter 7. Reporting and analysing cash and receivables Chapter 16. Cost-volume-profit relationships
Chapter 8. Reporting and analysing non-current assets Chapter 17. Budgeting
Chapter 9. Reporting and analysing liabilities