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Teaching: Making a Difference, 5th Edition

Churchill, Keddie, Moss, Nagel, Shaw, Mackay, Letts, McGill, Batt, Beckman, Apps, Grainger

Print ISBN : 9780730391777 |  Digital ISBN : 9780730391784

When preparing pre-service teachers for their first classroom experience, academics are faced with the challenge of helping students understand what it’s really like to be a teacher.

Teaching: Making a Difference, 5th Edition is a practical text that brings the classroom to life for your students. It contains all the theoretical foundations, and is supported by digital resources to demonstrate real-world applications.

This market-leading text equips your students with all the tools, activities and teaching plans they need. The new fifth edition also addresses the changes in digital technology that the world has recently experienced and arms your students with the ICT competencies they’ll soon need to use in the classroom.


Digital Technology

A detailed chapter covering digital technologies used in the classroom, arming students with up-to-date ICT competencies for classroom teaching.

Indigenous Perspectives

Insightful videos by Dr Jessa Rogers that provide pre-service teachers with an inclusive approach to Indigenous perspectives in teaching.


Interactive exercises allow students to consolidate their knowledge and correct misconceptions as they learn.

Hear from the authors

Hear from authors of Teaching: Making A Difference, 5th Edition, Peter Grainger and Tiffani Apps, on the teaching challenges addressed in the new title.