Project Description

Marketing, 5th Edition

Elliott, Rundle-Thiele, Waller, Bentrott, Hatton-Jones, Jeans

Print ISBN : 9780730382959  |  Digital ISBN : 9780730382966 

Designed for first-year students, Elliott’s Marketing, 5th Edition offers students the perfect mix of marketing theory, strategy and practice. This concise yet comprehensive title contains an abundance of real-world insights, explanatory diagrams and practical examples to clarify foundational marketing concepts. Students using Marketing, 5E will gain understanding and the requisite tools to practically apply their knowledge and skills throughout their careers.

In today’s fast-paced world, students are busier than ever. This title is written by experts from both academia and industry, with an emphasis on clarity (readability), context (APAC) and currency (up-to-date). It also ensures that the realities of modern marketing, such as globalisation and digitalisation, are integrated throughout every chapter.



Students will be able to relate and engage with the updated case studies, practical examples and industry insights.

Practical & Relevant

Designed for first-year students across APAC, this text promotes skills-development and includes real-world regional examples.

Future Skills Guide

Elliott includes the Future Skills Guide; a guide containing expert and practical advice on career preparedness for future-ready grads.

Watch: Authors of the Wiley Future Skills Guide

Hear from authors Angela Carbonne, Clare Payne, Rachael Field and Mandy Johnson on the importance of teaching future skills to students.

What do you wish you knew about working when you were a student?
What makes you an expert on the future of work?
How can your advice prepare students for the future of work?