Project Description

Financial Reporting, 4th Edition

Loftus, Leo, Daniliuc, Luke, Ang, Bradbury, Hanlon, Boys, Byrnes

The most authoritative financial reporting text for second and third-year courses, Loftus’ Financial Reporting is back in a new fourth edition with updates to the Australian Accounting Standards (up to May 2022), making it the most current book on the market. New to this edition is an entire chapter on ethics, a completely reworked sustainability chapter and an expanded integration of New Zealand standards and examples. The new edition encourages students to not only develop a conceptual understanding of the content, but to also apply it in a variety of practical contexts.

Supported by a variety of digital resources like interactive worked problems and questions with immediate feedback, Financial Reporting is a textbook designed for an engaging, interactive learning experience.

Loftus 4e Book iPad S1`23