Project Description

Financial Planning, Essentials Edition

McKeown, Olynyk, Kerry, Ciancio, La

Print ISBN : 9780730385738  |  Digital ISBN : 9780730385752 

Financial Planning, Essentials Edition delivers concise, relatable, relevant and curriculum-aligned content carefully tailored to first-year undergraduate students.

Students will be inspired, rather than saturated, by information on how to advise their future clientele about investment decisions throughout their lifetime, and how this advice fits into the broader multi-disciplinary context (tax, psychology, law, accounting, etc.). Financial Planning, Essentials Edition will walk students through the fundamental conceptual and technical information required of financial planners, so that they feel both prepared and enthusiastic about their future careers.


Addressing all the essentials  

All the essentials of Financial Planning clearly set out in just 12 chapters. Wiley’s essentials structure is perfect for today’s students who seek concise content presented alongside great examples and cases to ground theory in practical application.

Relevance and currency  

Updated case studies, examples and industry insights with content that reflects the dramatic shifts in economic and legislative environments, including the royal commission, COVID-19 market movements, technology, automation and the role of financial planners.

For first years 

Unashamedly caters for first-year, undergraduate students. This is reflected in the tone, content and question style.