Project Description

Exploring Management, 1st Edition

Schermerhorn, Woods, Junaid, McKeown, Co

The brand-new first edition of Exploring Management supports the teaching and learning of core management concepts by presenting material in a straightforward, conversational style with a strong emphasis on application. Comprising of 16 chapters, this first edition is succinct and more concise than the popular larger Schermerhorn Management title. The content is chunked so that digestible sections are followed by activities that check student comprehension. The text is full of current examples, social issues, reflection questions and group work activities that bring key management issues to life.  And there is a broad variety of cases, such as end-of-chapter cases and and end-of-book cases that include nine probing case studies and four integrative capstone ones. New ANZ videos focus on small businesses and start-ups companies with Managers who provide insights into how they got started and how they deal with key management issues.

Supported by a variety of digital resources, including five interactive learning modules with a bank of videos and interactive exercises shaped around the PLOC Management Framework, this text is textbook designed for an engaging learning experience.


Outstanding Winner at the 2023 Educational Publishing Awards Australia (EPAA) Tertiary (Adaptations) Teaching and Learning Resource – Print or Blended Learning

This ‘text’ is the epitome of the online/blended 21st-century learning and teaching that has been promised for so long!
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