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Human Resource Management, 10th Edition

Stone, Cox, Gavin

Print ISBN : 9780730385356   |  Digital ISBN : 9780730385370 

The new edition of Raymond Stone’s Human Resource Management is an AHRI endorsed title that has evolved into a modern, relevant and practical resource for first-year HRM students. This concise 14-chapter textbook gives your students the best chance of transitioning successfully into their future profession by giving them relatable professional insights and encouragement to exercise their skills in authentic workplace scenarios.

Complementary to your courses, with well written conceptual content, Stone’s 10th Edition will save you research and assessment prep time with a host of case studies that cement learnings and get students thinking critically.


AHRI endorsed 

Endorsed by Australia’s professional body for Human Resources.

Future Skills Guide 

Stone includes the Future Skills Guide; a guide containing expert and practical advice on career preparedness for future-ready grads.

Currency and relevance

This edition has been updated to reflect the dramatic shifts in the commercial & political environments, with a host of  updated case studies, examples, and industry insights.