Using Squid Game to Teach Game Theory

Did you hear about the academic using Squid Game to engage his students in the topic of game theory? Wayne Geerling from Monash University (and author of the instructor resources for Dirk Mateer's popular Economics series) is always on the [...]

Keeping Your Economics Students Engaged

Student disengagement: It's always been an academic's worst nightmare, but with snap lockdowns and COVID-19 continuing to disrupt the academic year, it's an issue running rampant. Wiley is here to help. Join Dirk Mateer (University of Texas), co-author of Principles [...]

Financial Planning: Future-proof your course

The financial planning industry is evolving at a rapid pace. So how can you design your financial planning course today, so that your students are prepared to meet the demands of the future? To help answer this big question, we [...]