About Wiley E-Text

Wiley E-Texts: Powered by VitalSource are a flexible learning resource, giving students the freedom to search, highlight and take notes. Many of the titles include instructive media, from practitioner videos, animated demonstrations, stepped tutorials and concept check questions, that allow students to practice and apply what they’ve learned. Lecturers can assign and pin readings and concept check questions to enhance the learning outcomes for their students.

Wiley E-Texts are part of the Wiley Affordability Program – dedicated to providing students with premium Wiley learning resources at an affordable price.

Students in Australia and New Zealand can purchase E-Texts for all Wiley Higher Education titles via Wiley Direct.


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from the e-text to your LMS

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Add highlights and
post-it notes

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Create targeted reading assignments

Assigned Readings are designed for instructors to create and customise discrete chunks of content for students. These readings go beyond deep linking by providing both a start and an end point, as well as a reading goal, to add focus and gamification to the reading experience. This study tool allows students to complete their assignments in a view designed to reduce distractions and optimise the time spent learning.

Add highlights and post-it notes

Notes and highlights can also be shared by simply sending a sharing URL. This functionality allows instructors to annotate the text for students, sharing key highlighted areas or additional notes.

Other E-Text Features

Lifetime Offline Access

Continued, permanent offline access even after the course ends

Multi-Device Options

Portable electronic textbook available 24/7 on multiple devices, online or offline

Reduced Costs

From just $65, Wiley E-Texts are our most affordable and accessible option

Searchable Content

Students can search, highlight & annotate within their E-Text. Share their notes or print them out when needed.

‘If I could buy a Wiley E-Text again I definitely would because it’s so much easier
– and a lot cheaper – than a normal print textbook.’
Ogechi, Macquarie University

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