E-Textbooks for Libraries

Wiley Higher Education Australia has partnered with VitalSource and ProQuest to offer many of our learning resources as digital library E-Textbooks.

Your students can now access many of Wiley’s Higher Education titles through VitalSource Explore or ProQuest Ebook Central™.

ProQuest Ebook Central™

Wiley Higher Education titles are available inProQuest. ProQuest partners with the world’s leading publishers to provide users with systemized access to rich and varied content. Through the ProQuest Ebook Central™ platform, students can gain access to a wealth of knowledge across their various academic subject areas.

Click here to view a list of Wiley titles currently available through ProQuest Ebook Central™

VitalSource Explore

All Wiley Higher Education titles can be made available in the VitalSource Explore platform. VitalSource Explore enables libraries to supply their hardship students with entirely equitable access to Wiley’s resources and give them the same experience as a student who purchases their own Wiley E-Textbook. This includes full access to interactive media, including quizzes and videos that may be included in the resource.


To learn more about acquiring titles or to request other titles added to ProQuest, contact us at [email protected].