The world as we know it is changing – fast. Along with it is the way we work, meaning today’s careers will look very different in the future. The modern student seeks both the technical expertise and the essential, career-ready skills to tackle the new and exciting challenges they will face beyond university.

So, how do we prepare for opportunities and problems that have yet to be realised?

In 2019, Wiley asked over 3,000 university students from a range of faculties across most of the major Australia and New Zealand institutions to share their greatest concerns and priorities.

Although we learned that 81% of students surveyed strive to get the best possible grades, and 60% fear failing, one of the main themes that came across in this study was students’ desire to be work-ready when they leave university.

Students who responded cited some of their biggest concerns were not getting a job after university (41%) and their future after graduating (38%)(1).

While 89% of student prioritised gaining both knowledge and career-relevant skills during their study(1).

We ran the same survey in 2020 to confirm these findings(2), and it likely comes as no surprise that the same themes bubbled up, with 88% of students wanting to gain career-relevant skills and knowledge respectively(2).

To help deliver on these student expectations, we have developed the brand-new Wiley Future Skills Guide. This Guide will be provided free within select new Wiley business titles coming for Semester 1, 2021. It is the ultimate career-ready playbook, covering seven essential generalist skills of critical importance to all students, regardless of the course or career they pursue.

Each section includes a collection of recommendations and industry insights from a thought-leading team . These invaluable and practical insights will help students understand the core skills they need to develop from day one of their first year.

Here are the seven core skills or key areas of knowledge we have identified as essential for all graduates:

1. The future of work
2. Technology
3. Wellbeing
4. Social intelligence
5. Ethics
6. Skills and development
7. Design thinking

If you would like to view a sample of the Future Skills Guide, we have made the Skills & Development topic available to preview here.

Now, it’s time to meet the team of thought-leading professionals who shared their invaluable insights and practical advice for students around developing these essential skills:

Steve Sammartino
Steve is Australia’s leading Futurist and International keynote speaker and author of 2 best-selling tech strategy books published by Wiley.

Nicola Hazell
Nicola is one of Australia’s leading voices on women in leadership, gender equality and social innovation, with a career spanning media, politics, public affairs, and technology.

Rachael Field
Rachael is a co-director of the Bond Dispute Resolution Centre and has had national and international impact with her research and service work in family mediation and student well-being.

Clare Payne
Clare is a globally recognised leader for her work on ethics in finance and her personal commitment to social issues. She was recognised as a WEF Young Global Leader in 2014 and as an Australian 100 Women of Influence in 2016.

Angela Carbone
Angela is Dean of Learning Innovation at Swinburne University. Alongside many academic achievements, Angela has conducted extensive research on professional development and student employability skills.

Michael Eales
Michael is a design pioneer focused on pushing the traditional boundaries of work. Experienced in venture design and new ways of organising to create, deliver and capture value.

Mandy Johnson
Mandy is an illustrious innovator whose best-selling books, keynote speeches and strategic advisory services provide innovative, evidence-based techniques to improve and transform both private and public organisations.

So, which new Wiley textbooks will feature the new Wiley Future Skills Guide?

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