Human Resource academics are tasked with preparing today’s students for the workplaces of tomorrow. With technology, global markets and the traditional workplace expanding and evolving at a rapid pace, you may feel like you need a crystal ball to predict what’s next for the industry and what you should be focusing on.

Wiley would like to help demystify this and give you clarity and confidence on how to get your students future-ready.

Our virtual seminar on Preparing HRM Students for the Future of Work gives you the opportunity to hear from 3 leading academic and industry professionals in human resource management. These experts share their best practices in preparing job-ready students, and discuss employer expectations for the next generation of graduates.

Meet the panel:

  • William Harvey (Exeter University): Empowering first year students with a 3-pillar approach to job-readiness
  • Angela Knox (Sydney University): Focusing in on transferable skills and how to help students develop these skills both in and out of the classroom
  • Susie Quirk (KPMG): Unpacking the insights of over 1300 global HR directors and their 4 focus areas for the future

About the speakers:

Will Harvey is Professor of Management and Associate Dean of Research at the University of Exeter Business School. He is Chair of the Board of Libraries Unlimited. He teaches, researches and works with leaders across the world on reputation, talent management and leadership. Will received a first-class degree from the University of Durham, an MPhil with distinction and a PhD from the University of Cambridge.

Angela Knox is an Associate Professor of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations at the University of Sydney Business School. Angela has received ten teaching awards and in her capacity as Academic Director, Professional Development, she focuses on supporting and ensuring excellence in education.  As an independent expert and advisor, she engages with industry, Government and the wider community and regularly provides expert comment for the television, radio and print media. Angela’s research has been published in many top-tier international journals.

Susie Quirk leads the HR Advisory Service for KPMG Australia. From 2013-2018, she was the Partner-in-Charge of the People and Change Service for KPMG China. Susie specialises in both transforming the HR operating model to digitally enable the employee experience, as well as focusing on workforce transformation through designing, developing and implementing sustainable cultural change initiatives.