Did you hear about the academic using Squid Game to engage his students in the topic of game theory?

Wayne Geerling from Monash University (and author of the instructor resources for Dirk Mateer’s popular Economics series) is always on the look out for new and innovative ways to help lecturers bridge the gap between theory and student understanding.

In this webinar, he:

  • Explains how active learning and pop culture can work together to improve student engagement with game theory,
  • Shows you how he personally uses Squid Game in his course, and
  • Provides some practical tools and guides that you can use yourself in the classroom.

About the speakers:

Wayne GeerlingWayne Geerling has taught more than 40,000 undergraduate students in his career, specialising in large undergraduate units of up to 1,000 students. Wayne’s contribution to innovation and teaching excellence has been recognised with several teaching awards at the Department, Faculty, University and National levels, in Australia and America.