How to Access your Wiley E-Text

Wiley E-Texts are accessible via VitalSource Bookshelf®, an eTextbook platform. Some courses have the VitalSource Bookshelf® integrated into them – this can allow you to access your Wiley E-Text from within your universities Learning Management System.

How do I access my Wiley E-Text through my Learning Management System?

Wiley E-Text links can be available in the university Learning Management System (LMS) via links which will take you to a specific location in the e-text. If it it your first time accessing an e-text from your LMS, you will be prompted to log in to your e-text account before proceeding to the reading content.

Alternatively please go to Vitalsource to download the Bookshelf® version that is right for your device. Follow the installation instructions and create your Bookshelf® account. You can then enter your redemption code and download your Wiley E-Text title to your Bookshelf®.

What are the VitalSource Bookshelf® system requirements?

Please check the VitalSource support page here for the most up-to-date information.

How do I create a Bookshelf® account?

If you are new to VitalSource®, you will need to create a VitalSource® account before you can view your Wiley title.

Please click here and follow the steps given to create your VitalSource® account.

How do I redeem my code and download my Wiley E-Text title?

If you have already created your Bookshelf® account and you have a redemption code that you need to redeem, please click here and follow the steps to redeem your E-Text code.

How long will I have access to my Wiley E-Text title?

Most Wiley E-Texts come with 12-month online access and perpetual offline access. Once you have downloaded the book onto your devices to use offline, this version is yours to keep for life.

Can I access my Wiley E-Text title on more than one device?

VitalSource Bookshelf® allows you to have access to Wiley E-Texts on up to 4 devices: 2 computers and 2 mobile devices activated at any given time. If you are activating a new computer or mobile device, to view your Wiley title and you receive the error message: “You have Reached the Maximum Number of Activations”; you will need to deauthorise an older computer or mobile device in order to activate a new one.

Further troubleshooting for Wiley E-Texts Powered by VitalSource

If you are unable to read your e-textbook, there may be a problem with your installation of the VitalSource Bookshelf software. Please visit VitalSource Technical Support for the latest information on troubleshooting that software.